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Offset Is Being Sued By Jeweler

One of the migos rappers offset is reportedly being sued by a jeweler because of unpaid debt. Offset is one of the hottest female rapper Cardi B’s husband now recently Cardi B gave him 500,000 dollars for his birthday so I’m confused on why he can’t pay the rest of the money for his jewelry ? Hmm maybe he should be paying it with the money she just gave him ! According to TMZ he purchased a piece from a popular jeweler in Los Angeles named Peter Marco but hasn’t paid this man in over a year. Peter Marco of Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills has filed his lawsuit against Offset he claims 47,000 is how much the unpaid fee is.

Offset & Cardi B
Offset flexing with his jewelry
dripping in jewelry he can’t afford

On October 28, 2018 is when the purchase was made legal documents obtained by the publication include a copy of an invoice allegedly showed Offset bought some jewelry for $11k but only paid $63,000 so that’s how he owes this man the remaining balance of $47,000. Early December 2019 Marco claims his team sent a letter demanding a payment within 7 days but they never got the money. Now he wants the full amount plus interest and fees for lawyers. I don’t blame him tho because at the end of the day it’s been a year and no payments was ever made these rappers be having all this “money” to spend on jewelry but can’t pay all the payments. Don’t try to buy some drip jewelry if you can’t afford it !

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