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Oh no!! Did Onyce just sting Nicki?

Nicki Minaj has been able to do what a lot of artist can not, which is stay relevant and front page worthy without dropping any of her own projects in a little over a year. Although Nicki has managed to stay at the tip of our tongues, with her reoccurring beef with another rap heavy weight Remy Ma, going back and forth spilling all kinds of tea hitting all the way under the belt. And of course all of her relationship woes from the very public break up and drag session with rapper Meek Mills. To the hard to confirm situationship with the Og rapper Nas, and you would have to be blind to not have noticed the palpable tension between Nicki and Cardi B’s success, (clears throat) I mean Cardi B, the tension between Nicki and Cardi B… Lol… But honey Bey done took it to the next level, after she invites Cardi to perform at Jay Z’s Made in America concert, but then Bey went on to call Cardi the new “Queen of Rap”!!! As you can expect Nicki isn’t too happy about it, read more in the link below and watch Nicki’s clapback in the form of a lip syncing video… Y’all tell me what y’all think are we watching Nicki’s fall or will Roman get her revenge? Can there be two Queens? Anything’s possible when Nicki is concerned so let’s just watch an see, and you know that Muva’s gonna keep you posted on all the Tea! #siponthat


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