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Ohio Barbershop Ransacked By Racist Pigs

Holland, OH – A local barbershop was ransacked over the weekend by some racist people who obviously don’t want them in the neighborhood. Looks like after they closed up for the weekend, the shop was broken into, a lot of the supplies were smashed up, TV’s were ripped off the walls, and they also sprayed obscene & awful words all over the walls.

“Finishing Touch” Hair Pros located at 835 S. McCord Rd, in Holland, OH, offers a whole list of great services, and they even try to keep their prices low to cater to people who are less fortunate. Every Wednesday, they offer haircuts for only $10.

Please share this article, and I ask any & everybody in the Holland, OH area to go out & support this great man & his business. Let’s prove that there are still good people in the world.

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