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Ohio Couple Throws A Baby Shower For Their Baby Sitter

Cincinnati, OH – Facebook user, Mimi Love is expecting her 1st child in a few weeks. Like other pregnant moms during this pandemic… she is worried about the state of the world she is bringing her child into, as well as not being able to do many of the normal activities pregnant mommies do (photoshoots, gender reveals, baby showers, etc.).

Mimi shared a beautiful post to Facebook yesterday, and I wanted to spread the love with so many bad things happening right now.

She babysits for a couple whom are both essential workers throughout the week. They surprised her with a baby shower, which was just so thoughtful of them. Take a look at the pictures below. Congratulations to the mommy-to-be and kudos to the Russell family for being such good people! Love always wins, and this is the color of love.

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