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Ohio Daycare Teacher Fired For Making Kids Hit Each Other – Fight Club Style

Daycare worker in Columbus, OH (Playtime Preschool in East Columbus) has been accused of making the kids fight each other.  This story is a little too upsetting to even report about, but we have to keep you guys informed on what’s going on out there (because you know we are the Heartbeat Of The Streets).  It’s really sad because people already hate to leave their kids at daycare & for something like this to happen is unthinkable!

30 year old Chavay Williams (mother of two)  has been charged with 21 counts of child endangerment for overseeing preschool fights.  Parents and teachers were already concerned because the children at the school were getting more “boo-boo’s” on them whenever Williams was on duty, but there wasn’t any proof of any type of foul play.

There WAS no proof of anything going on until Chavay Williams herself posted a video of the kids fighting on Snapchat.  Can somebody please give this lady the award for Idiot Of The Week!!!  The video was anonymously sent to police in the past few weeks and an investigation was launched. At first, Williams allegedly told authorities that she was recording the children who were acting up to show their parents their behavior.`

The video took place in June of this year, and you could hear Williams egging the kids on, while another teacher just sat there and did nothing.   The video, captioned with words like “knock out” and a boxing glove emoji, shows children crying and trying to escape a fenced-in playground during the fights.  

As soon as the daycare owners found out about the situation, Chavay Williams and the other worker who was there and did nothing were fired immediately!  All the parents were notified about the situation, and so far… nobody have pulled their kids.  According to the owner, the school is the largest Black-owned preschool in Ohio providing much-needed services to the community. 

Chavay Williams is scheduled to appear in court next month.  All I can say is that I hope she has somebody to take care of her kids.  That’s messed up!  I would be pissed off if that was one of my kids, honestly… I’m pissed off now.


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