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Ohio Fight Night & The Red Carpet Interviews w/ Ear Kandy Radio

Brittney (EKR), Rob Butler (RB3 Sports) & DeAnna Kay (EKR)

Ohio Fight Night took place in Cleveland, OH on May 11th (which by the way was a sold-out event). The fight was brought to you by RB3 Sports (Rob Butler) and Sweetheart Entertainment (Jess Kay).

DeAnna Kay (EKR), Jess Kay (Sweetheart Ent) & Brittney (EKR)

The event turned out to be amazing!! Ear Kandy Radio had full backstage/press access to the entire event. We did the red carpet interviews, saw the drama backstage & were ringside for the majority of the night. We also had our cameraman @Masterminds there getting all the behind the scenes footage (which will be released soon).

There were about 5-6 fights in addition to performances from both Cleveland and Akron artists. Celebrity Ray Jr. was in the building & he performed as well. He also brought Erika Kayne on the stage to congratulate her for her recent appearance on The Steve Harvey Show. We got an opportunity to meet them both in person and take a few pictures.

Ray Jr, DeAnna Kay & Brittney (both of EKR)
Ray Jr & Wayne Views
Wayne Views, Erika Kayne, DeAnna Kay & Brittney

The fights were very entertaining! There were a few knock downs, some fights went the distance… and there was even a knockout!! Not only did this event provide something fun and entertaining for the sold out crowd to do, but it also helps to keep these boxing and these up & coming kids out the streets. Shout out to the Little Giants gym (where the official press conference was help for the event)! They are providing opportunities for these kids to do something more with their lives & get out of the street mentality. The main event mentioned how much boxing changed his life because it provided another avenue for him to get money.

Now the red carpet interviews were LIT!!! Our sponsor @StreetArtClothingLLC had us looking right for the event. He dressed us in some very stylish and comfortable jogging suits, that we both dressed up with a pair of heels.

Tribute to Nipsey Hussle, rocking Street Art Clothing LLC
DeAnna Kay, Wayne Views & Brittney

Myself and DeAnna Kay interviewed over 20 groups of people who stepped in our area. Some of the people were fans coming to watch the fight, business owners coming to promote their businesses and some people just came out for some entertainment and to have a good time. We treated each &B every person who stepped on the red carpet like celebrities. Check out the footage below & be sure to book @Earkandyradio for your next event (no matter how big or small… we can handle it all)!

DeAnna Kay, EP (Voice It Radio) & Brittney
Wayne Views, Rob Butler & Marty Healy
Sweetheart Ent & DeAnna Kay
Wayne Views & LaRae (sung the National Anthem)
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