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Ohio Home Daycare Operator Sentenced To 30 Days For Sexual Abuse

Grove City, OH – Kimberly Hignite has plead guilty to charges of sexually abusing three children she was supposed to be caring for, and has been sentenced to ONLY 30 days in county jail! At the time of the incident(s), the children were only 3, 5 and 11. She had them involved in sexual touching of each other, and two of the children said she called it “Silly Private Game.”

Hignite was operating a “home daycare,” which also happened to be unlicensed, out of her home in Franklin County.

She actually pleaded guilty to multiple counts of endangering children, which is a first degree misdemeanor in the state of Ohio. Upon her entering a guilty plea, other charges of gross sexual imposition were dropped in exchange.

She will be serving time in the Richland County Jail (30 days), and I pray she stays way from children when she is released. It is so sad how people will violate children and totally tear apart the faith entrusted in them. I honestly do not think 30 days is enough time for what was done to the poor children. I do not think justice has been served!

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