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Ohio Lawmakers Propose $15/Hr Minimum Wage Increase

Minimum wage is currently $8.55/hour. Let’s just think about that for one minute. (Thinking, thinking, thinking) How many things can you buy for $8.55? The average salary in Akron, OH is a little over $47,000 per year (Cost of living in Ohio). If you only make $8.55 per year, annually at 40 hours per week, you would only bring home $17,784. OUCH… that hurts & my heart goes out to anybody making that amount of money & still making it work! (You’re the real MVP)

Ohio Senators have proposed to raise the minimum wage up to $15/hour by the year 2023. Looks like they want to raise it to $12/hour in 2020, then raise it in $1 increments yearly until 2023. That’s a $7,176 initial raise, and to a lot of families, that will help out tremendously!!

I honestly think that by raising the minimum wage, it will decrease the crime rate. It will also stimulate the economy. I think it will also decrease the employee turnover rate in a lot of companies.

The concern with some of the lawmakers is this bill will lead to issues with inflation (and I can understand that). To get around all the inflation, the proposal is to raise it gradually. They have already introduced a bill in other states like West Virginia and Kentucky and are just waiting to see if they will pass.

Do you think a raise in the minimum wage for Ohio will help & stimulate the economy?? Please comment below & let’s talk about it.

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5 thoughts on “Ohio Lawmakers Propose $15/Hr Minimum Wage Increase

  1. I hope they do raise minimum wage because I’ve worked the same job for 20 years now and I’m trying to raise 3 kids with no child support at $10.98 hour and $15 would be really nice

  2. Where I work – 1/2 of the jobs will be lost! You are paid the value of what you are worth. If you want $15.00 per hour gain that value via skill or education. Legislation will cause prices to rise with the labor rate. Get real!!

  3. While the raise would be great people are not thinking about the affect such a raise will have on things. Those in business are there to make money and if they have to put out more in wages they will either cut hours, cut workers or raise prices. Now when such a large raise comes along business owners have to do all the listed options. Now that leads us right back to the problem we had prior to the raise. So instead of Goverment mandating what business owners should pay they need to allow raises to come naturally. Yes people are at times hard pressed to make ends meet but think about this, WILL they be better off making even less money because they have less work or no work at all??? Higher prices hurt everyone not just those who work but even those who cannot work. See those who are on a fixed income cannot get a raise as would those who work. Then there is also the FACT that those raises will be taxed and more money you get the more taxes you pay. Those higher taxes will wipe out the raise also and then the raise is no enough and they will be calling for a bigger raise. This is the mess America was in durning the Carter Years. Prices and taxes way up while actual take home pay went way down. We had a MISERY INDEX and that is something anyone with a mind wants nothing to do with.

  4. I agree it should be raised BUT there are other ways to help increase take home pay like EMPLOYERS with various insurance-401k -day care -education assistants-vacation & sick days. Im afraid raising hr rate will just raise cost an stil be passed back to to employees!! $15 is a litte too much to ask ?

  5. This raise up too$15 will kill small business and will put a lot of people out of work. Also cost of very important services such as Daycare,home health aid will be going up . And a lot of people who really need this services will not get them.
    Subsidy for this services is very very little and a lot of people can not afford and need to use those services. But if min wages will be $15 subsidy will not even cover a part of cost of this services. A lot of companies just will go out of business.

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