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Ohio Man Killed By A Tree While Driving

Ear Kandy Radio is sad to report about a 60 year old man dying yesterday but some rather unlikely circumstances.  Close to Akron, (in Cuyahoga Falls) OH, Robert Musch was driving down Front Street (close to where 2nd street intersects) when a large tree fell into his front windshield.

It happened at about 5:45 am while Mr. Musch was on his way to work.  Robert Musch had to be extricated from his vehicle and he was taken to Akron City Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.  Authorities believe that the heavy rains of the past few days contributed to the branch falling.

Musch’s son who told Fox 8 News that his dad had just lost his wife a few weeks ago and was just getting back to work.  He was also a loving father and grandfather.  We send prayers out to the family because you truly never know when somebody’s time will be called.  Cherish your loved ones.

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