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Ohio Marijuana Grow Site Gets the OKAY To Start Planting Their Crops

It looks like the first medical marijuana grow site in Ohio (Buckeye Relief) has been given the “OKAY” to start planting their “crops” or should I say their “trees” or “weed” or “marijuana”.  This is the first large scale grower in the state of Ohio to actually pass the inspection process and receive their certificate to start operating.

The Buckeye Relief has confirmed that they will begin to plant immediately and they should be ready with the finished product by the end of the year.  The location of the facility is in Eastlake, right outside of Cleveland.

Now I hope you guys don’t take this the wrong way because I’m all down for the medical marijuana movement!  But I think it’s actually pretty comical at this point.  The government criminalizes everything the black community does (including even being black) but AS SOON AS they figure out how to make a profit that will be large enough… the government then deems it as no longer criminal!

I’m just wondering if there will be any type of forgiveness or clemency programs for people who went to prison for years for buying, selling and manufacturing marijuana… since it is now going to be legal for people to do it as long as they go through the proper channels with our government.  Sounds about right??  SMH

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