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Ohio Nursing Home Blasted For Horrible Living Conditions

During my daily trolling on Facebook I came across a post! A nasty nursing home is exposed. Now I’m far from messy but once information hit the internet it’s far game!

An Akron woman exposes a Nursing home after being let go! She explained she tried to quit but decided to stay after her employer begged her to reconsider. According to the post the Nursing home is allegedly short staff and a hot ass mess!

The woman posted pictures of a dirty room with feces fill sheets. Bugs on the floor. An adult underwear with feces in it laying on the floor as well. Check out pictures below. Unfortunately we hear about the living conditions in nursing homes and today we see!

Praying someone reaches out to the Ohio Department of health and get that nursing home in shape! Clean bedding and a clean living space. To some people this is just a nursing home. It to the residents living there it’s home and no one deserves to live like this.

The nursing home has yet to comment I’ll keep everyone updated. Check on your family in long term care units! Employees can only provide quality care if they have the proper equipment to do so! I hope this lady spoke out to someone who can fix this harsh living conditions. The residents pay lots of money to live here and this is unacceptable!

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2 thoughts on “Ohio Nursing Home Blasted For Horrible Living Conditions

  1. I believe she says in her post it’s the Gardens on Chart Rd. In Cuyahoga Falls. I wonder why she is praying for someone to contact the Health Dept but doesn’t do it herself.

  2. So sad, unfortunately this is the norm for most of these places. I have always believed that when a someone enters a nursing home their spirit is broken. To me this is one reason shown here.

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