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Ohio Teenager Abuses Family Cat For Fun

There is currently a petition going around for an Ohio boy to be punished after abusing his family’s pet cat. There are over 3,500 signatures, and it looks like only 10,000 are needed for action to be taken.

>>>Click here to view/sign the petition.

In the video the boy uploaded to social sites, he can be seen holding the poor cat’s tail, then closing it inside of the door. The cat screams and cries so loud, and is finally able to get free from the door. When the teenage boy opens the door, he is smiling and laughing about the pain the cat just endured. Take a look at the video below… I feel so sad for the poor kitty and I know for sure this boy needs some help!

There is a direct link between people who are cruel to animals and people who are violent towards other people. This includes child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse and other violent behavior. His parents really need to seek help on their child’s behalf.

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6 thoughts on “Ohio Teenager Abuses Family Cat For Fun

  1. This kid is old enough to know better and should have his ass kicked up to his shoulders.He also needs supervision bcuz he’s not mature enough to have enough sense not to hurt something smaller than himself.(other pets or smaller children) Could be a future serial killer.

  2. He is one sick kid. Hope cat is ok. I have 7 rescue cats and a dog.. just lost another dog, but he is at peace. Please punish this kitty and get this sick kid reprimanded at least

    1. You are as sick as this child, you ought to seek help. Nothing is funny about hurting an animal

  3. This child is mentally disturbed and needs to be punished. Put one of his body parts in the door and close it, just as he did to the cat…lesson learned.

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