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Ohio Woman Charged After Telling 911 Her P*ssy Was “On Fire”

Katrina Morgan of Ohio, was arrested for disrupting police operations and making a false report. Morgan called 911and allegedly asked cops if the fire departments “hose is working” ..because her “pxssy was ablaze” and that she needed someone to “come put it out with their hose.”

Cops came to arrest Morgan & she became agitated & began to yell and taunt the officers until threatened by taser, she calmed down promptly. She now faces charges of disrupting public services, making false alarms, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

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4 thoughts on “Ohio Woman Charged After Telling 911 Her P*ssy Was “On Fire”

  1. Dumb ass.. she will be hurting now with the embarrassment and record! Unfortunately someone like this probably already had a record a mile long! So immature and low life to call and disturb police operations in a time of crisis but really anytime ! She looks like she is about 60, I mean does she have grandchildren that will look up to her for this? Wow!! And we wonder why kids get stupid ideas??!!

  2. I thought that once getting this app it would be nice having local news and alerts but have they no standards for the ones responsible for giving and then writing the news? Not so much speaking about this story inarticulate but I don’t care about the journalists opinion or bashing of elected officials or the way they help criminalize people using their opinions, which no reader cares about I’m sure. Please have your reporters and editors grow up.

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