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Oklahoma Will release 450 low level offenders!

Oklahoma will be releasing 450 low level no violent offenders today! In Oklahoma state a law was passed to release hundreds of low level criminal offenses. These crimes are none violent and will give hundreds of people another chance.

The release will also save taxpayers almost 12 million dollars! The prison system is a big money making business. Once a person is convicted of a crime the state gets a fat check! Not to mention how much it cost to house inmates, commissary close and it’s a whole bill! Not only for taxpayers but families of those who are incarcerated.

This reminds me of the Bill we had in Ohio called Issue One! Many different organizations were trying to get low level none violent offenders a second chance. It didn’t pass in Ohio but Oklahoma it did! Now there was not called issue one but the policies and what they were advocating for was similar.

Congratulations to everyone who will be released today and I pray you have a chance of luck in your life! I pray you use this opportunity to become a better person. The jail is in the process of getting state identification cards, Driver license, finding housing and much more! Congratulations hopefully this is the fresh start for everyone.

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