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Old Time Road Catching BackLash

So you all know the catchy song by Lil Nas X taking his horse down to the old time road so he can ride til he cant no more. Well the original song is by Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus Father) My Ankey Breaky Heart. To the surprise of the country fans the song hit the Billboard country charts at #19 and has spend some time as #1 on the hot 100 billboards charts. The song has been making its way on the air waves as its been on the hiphop andR&B chart. Back in March 2019 BillBoard charts took the song off its country hottest hits stating “it didn’t embrace the country music of today. Even though the song is literally a remix of a country song and the lyrics match the description of a country writer, the company states its just not country enough. We can talk about the fake rappers who appear to know nothing about hip hop but somehow they come in the industry with number one hits. It goes to show the differences in genre cultures.

A lot of people were upset about this and threw out Post Malone as an example as to artist who make music of a genre that doesn’t match. If that doesn’t drawl a red flag of discrimination, but wait there’s more. Wrangler Jean company thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with Lil Nas X and make some cash by launching the Lil Nas X collection supporting the movement. The company is currently receiving backlash from wrangler shoppers for supporting the artist who some country fans believe is making a joke out of their music. People are boycotting wrangler for partnering with an African American Rapper who made a country song. Shout out to Wrangler for taking a stand and not backing down closed minded opinions as they are all for the diversity.

Need I remind you that it is 2019 and yes billboard charts will not allow a Black rapper to be on the country charts, and yes its 2019 and country music fans are willing to boycott a clothing company because due to the company collaborating with a rapper who made a country song that was not derogatory at all and in fact has streamed over 143 million views and counting. I just want to know where was all this boycotting energy when Gucci, Burberry and a host of other fashion companies decided to launch racist slogans on their apparel that offended African Americans? Country Fans have some explaining to do and my cup of tea is running over as I am here for this.

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