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Omarion Doesn’t Want Lil Fizz Around His Kids!

So we have all heard about the drama surrounding Omarion and his baby momma (Apryl Jones). They broke up a couple years ago and then the hoe… I mean Apryl, started dating his friend & band mate, Lil Fizz. Omarion and Apryl are currently going through a custody battle with the kids.

Lil Fizz’s baby momma (Moniece) is coming out about the situation and spilling all the hennessey (yea this is much stronger than tea). Moniece claims Dreux (Lil Fizz) never really broke up with Apryl! They did all that for people to get off their asses because Omarion does not want him around his kids AT ALL. She believes they only put the rumors out there (& even unfollowed each other on social media) so she could have a good chance at getting her kids back.

She said her son, Kam, facetimed his dad and Lil Fizz made sure he put Apryl in the camera frame, so they are definitely still going strong. She said Fizz even threw a party and Omarion’s kids were there, along with her abusive & sociopathic biological father (yea… not sure why she threw that in there LOL).

Do you guys think it is wrong for Omarion to request for his kids not to be around his baby momma’s new boo & his old friend? Comment below.

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