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Omg Big Gucci

Baby you then grown up! Damn Gucci has a third leg! In his pants! Gucci recently shared pictures to his instagram & honey I was impressed. Healthy is wealthy is a captain he likes to use & baby it’s working.

The new Gucci Man is in shape and looking damn good okkkkay. Y’all know I always liked Gucci, them adlives use to be my favorite. Gucci was out here showing off his assets with no shirt! Honey Keshia better get her husband! I see why he was holding on to him like that (pic below) cuz honey child.

That man is blessed I mean look how long and thick it is! Damn Gucci! You and your wife both be looking fine! Let me find out y’all need a girlfriend. Lol call me

But seriously Gucci is looking better than ever, in great health & happy. He deserves it. Pictures below show some amazing dick prints. As well as his beautiful wife and himself. If I was her I hold on tight! He look good, treat her good and probably got some dope dick! Now lady’s we all know that’s hard to find!

Now he posted a tbt photo and a picture now. He looks very different in the face. People even rumored he was “cloned”. Now I don’t know how true that is but we’re happy for him it’s never to late to get physical & mentally in shape! S/o to Ms. Davis. Gucci always express how she has helped him grow as a man. I’ll be watching and call me if y’all need a extra set of hands to tame that beast! Lol DeAnna Kay

He looks so happy and I’m love
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