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OMG… Let’s Just Say PINEAPPLES!!!

Being sexually exposed by a loved one can be really embarrassing, especially if you put yourself in a compromising position.  I’m not going to talk too much about the video.  I am going to post the clip below & take a look at it.  ***WARNING***  The video is graphic and does contain man on man sex.

  1. Does anything go in Love & War?

  2. Can a man give a better blowjob than a woman since he knows exactly how he wants his own blowjobs done??


A recent 2018 survey shows that 9.4% of the men surveyed (over 4,100 men were apart of the survey) admitted to having “down low” sex with another man within the past year.  So that means that 1 in 10 men (or more) are on the down low.  Now I do not have a problem with lesbians or homosexuals, but I do have a problem with people out here in a relationship with a woman, but is going behind her back to have sex with men.  That’s not right!

How do you weigh in on the topic?

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