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One-year-old baby is thought to have coronavirus after his mother dismissed his fever for ‘teething’

A heartbroken British mom has stated her 1-year-old son may be stricken by the coronavirus — though she initially thought he was only suffering from teething pain.

The baby developed a temperature Sunday — Mother’s Day in the UK — but she wasn’t worried because he had already been in discomfort from teething, according to the South West News Service.

“We got up early to get some fresh air and thought the cold could help with his temperature but did not think much more of it” “We took him for a walk but from lunchtime onwards he started to go downhill quickly”. Mom stated “He went really lethargic and really cuddly, which was not like him. He then had a horrendous temperature.

Stay Alert! Help the babies……If you have a fever, get tested ASAP!! Be cautious and stay safe out here. Click link below for more information>>

kidshealth.org › parents › coronavirus

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