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Online shopping increase since the pandemic

Online shopping has significantly increased since the Corona virus began earlier this year. A few statistics below. How do you feel about online shopping? Would you rather go in-store or have items delivered? Should shipping and returns be free if the store is closed? Will we begin to see more stores going out of business?

More than one-third of shoppers shop online weekly since the coronavirus pandemic hit. That’s up from 28% pre-COVID-19, according to a new global study of 5,000 consumers.  The coronavirus has upended consumers’ lives worldwide, and those dramatic shifts extend to shopping trends.

36% of respondents shop online weekly, up from 28% pre-COVID-19, according to a July survey of 5,000 consumers in North American and Europe. 29% of consumers say they shop more online than in-person. However, 36% say they don’t shop more online than in person and 35% say they do a relatively even mix of online shopping and store shopping.

Other things to note:

  • 76% of respondents desire real-time app and email updates on changes or delays related to their purchases.
  • 64% want mobile and contactless pickup or check-in options.
  • 64% say privacy is more important than online experience. However, that figure dropped from 74% in the 2019 study.
  • 71% want to know product availability before purchasing online or in-store.
  • 51% say that free products and buyer perks (secret sales, free shipping, promo codes) are the best ways for brands to show they care.
  • 81% value flexibility in returns or cancellations.
  • 75% of consumers say they prefer to receive messages via email or mobile.
  • 60% of shoppers are prioritizing the purchase of essential items when shopping online.
  • 60% want curbside pickup options.

Stores could make the store pickup process easier on shoppers. For example, 81% of shoppers rated the availability of preferred pickup date and time three stars or lower (out of five). This is compared with 85% of shoppers who rated ease of completing an online order four stars or higher, suggesting retailers are focusing more on the pre-sale experience and could use improvement in fulfillment.

Other finds:

  • 79% of respondents say contactless store pickup is very important to them.
  • 90% prefer home delivery over a store visit in the next six months, and only 28% plan to increase in-store shopping. Safety—be it for in-store purchase or order pickup—is a top priority, respondents say.
  • For 80% of shoppers, digital communications with store associates over the next six months are “likely” or “very likely.”
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