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Oprah says Gayle is not doing good after her interview disrespecting Kobe Bryant

I reported yesterday the trash interview Gayle King did trying to assassinate the legacy of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Oprah did a interview this morning and stated her friend Gayle King is not doing good! She says she has allegedly received death threats.

unfortunately the internet does not care! Snoop Dog openly checked got disrespecting his friend and social media as well. It was rumored Gayle got a raise the next morning following her distasteful interview. She apologized and back peddle states she didn’t mean any harm by the interview.

Most people didn’t give no fucks though! They believe the question she asked were inappropriate and unnecessary. Especially when their friend Harvey Weinstein is on trail for multiple rape and sexual assault charges!

Kobe’s family has yet to even have his funeral and she’s being a disrespectful bitch! His wife and children are still grieving over the loose of him so sorry not sorry no ones has sympathy for her! Gayle this was a horrible career move!

Check out the interview with Oprah below and let this be a lesson to everyone to watch what you say! Especially speaking on people who have passed and can’t defined their self! Those questions should have been asked directly to him while he was alive! Not in his passing like a coward! Not while his wife and children are still grieving! I don’t believe she’s be able to bounce back from this.

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One thought on “Oprah says Gayle is not doing good after her interview disrespecting Kobe Bryant

  1. Is this what were doing now disrespectfully as hell to Kobe family opha should be defining her for that I don’t care hoo you are buy they can definitely define Harvey Weinstein come on gave me a break I will never leave this down

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