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Orlando Brown Claims Lil Bow Wow Has Some “Bomb P Valley”

Infamous Disney channel star, Orlando Brown, has been quiet and out of the spotlight lately, but he recently dropped a bombshell on the Breakbeat Media audience, claiming that rapper Bow Wow allegedly has some bomb a** “P word!”

Brown was asked when was the last time he watched 106 & Park. He sarcastically said “when it was hot… when Bow Wow was on there.”

He was then asked if he has a problem with Bow Wow, and he replied “I ain’t got no problem with Lil Bow Wow… Lil Bow Wow got some bomb a$$ P*$$¥”

Crickets…. So many questions! What are your thoughts? Orlando Brown said it with so much confidence. Do you think Lil Bow Wow really gave up that P Valley?? Now remember he also accused Nick Cannon of “sucking his stick” . Let’s talk about it!

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