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OSU Couple Dead

Ty’Rell Pounds, 24 pictured with Skylar Willaims, 20. They shared a baby together

The couple pictured above have been located, unfortunately they were dead.

Sources say that Ty’Rell Pounds, 24 led Kentucky State Police on a high speed chase after abducting the mother of his son, Skylar Williams, 20 from the Ohio State University Mansfield Campus. Police eventually opened fire after shots were made from the inside of the stolen vehicle.

Pounds killed Williams, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Pounds was shot killed by the police and pronounced dead at the scene.

Allegedly, Williams had been keeping the baby away from the father following their breakup. Apparently which is why Pounds took matters into his own hands.

Pounds took to his social media to share some words with his son. He apologized to him for forcing him to grow up without both of his parents. He also stated how his family was better off than hers and gave specific names of family for their son to reach out to when he’s of age.

Pounds expressed his love for his son and how he had plans to be a state trooper and encouraged him to do the same. Williams was studying physical therapy at the campus in which she was abducted from.

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