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Over $13K Was Raised For “Homeless” Girl In The Woods – But It Was A Scam!

Akron, OH – To date, 326 people have donated over $13,000 to an 18 year-old girl who claimed to be homeless and living in the woods, just trying to finish school. If you didn’t read the initial story Cleveland 19 News reported… click on this link to check it out. >>> Original Story <<<

The Go Fund Me was created by Sage Lewis, a homeless activist, on May 5, 2020. Cleveland 19 News even did a follow-up/ part 2 story today, and she was talking about how she had been raped and abused multiple times. >>>Follow-Up Story<<<

Allegedly, Sara, Identified as (S) was caught trying to sell some of the items donated to her through the Go Fund Me efforts.

An Akron resident, Jazmine Taylor, took it upon herself to step in and try to help Sara with housing. She let her stay in a home she owns and filled it with food, and Sara was caught red-handed trying to sell some of Jazmine’s items out of her house for drugs (meth).

To make matters worse, Sara is not even technically homeless. She was a runaway and her parents filed a missing persons report. For whatever reason, she chose not to go home.

I was actually one of the people who donated to this Go Fund Me after hearing the initial story. It’s so sad we have people out here who will really take advantage of kind people. If anybody has donated to this cause, I would suggest we all try to figure out if we can get our money back or redirect our efforts to somebody who could really use the help.

According to Sage Lewis, the money is in a trust, and Sara has been put up in a hotel for two weeks.

Just to be fair, Sara never asked for any of this help, but once the opportunity was there… she took full advantage of it. Also, Sage Lewis had no fault in this. Although he was trying to help her out, he had no idea any of this would transpire. Homeless people come with a lot of baggage, sometimes they are addicted to drugs and they actually need more than financial help. Please don’t let one bad apple spoil your heart and the love you have for the homeless community.

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One thought on “Over $13K Was Raised For “Homeless” Girl In The Woods – But It Was A Scam!

  1. The sad thing is some people pray on homeless also and that will also make someone angry and lash out. I was homeless in Minnesota. First a lady rented me a room then treated me like her personal slave. I had a car so I didn’t stay. I waited and tried to find a room to rent I had 2 dogs. A couple let me move in within 2 hours of me giving them rent more than half of my disability the lady got drunk came home and told me to get out and laughed saying you don’t have a receipt. Luckily I was smart enough when she left for the bar to get one from her boyfriend. The police were called they told her to reimburse me or I was staying and if I called them back she was going to jail. It’s a terrible world out there. The people that want to help rarely get people that respect the help and vice versa.

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