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Over $300,000 in Heroin Seized By Ohio State Patrol

Things have really been getting heated in the state of Ohio.  With all the recent murders and rise in violence…  In my opinion, I have to attribute a big portion of it to the financial state of the people.  It seems like so many people have been struggling financially as crime and violence continues to rise.

On July 8, 2018 the Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled over two women driving a Nissan Altima with Arizona license plates.  They were pulled over in Indian Hill, OH on I275 about 20 minutes away from Cincinnati for speeding.  Once they were stopped, a drug-sniffing canine alerted the police that there may be drugs in the car and authorities discovered four POUNDS of heroin (valued at over $300,0o0) during a “probable cause search!”

Both women are from Arizona (Gloria Lopez – 25- the driver & Lizbeth Sophia Morales – 19) were taken to the Hamilton County Jail and charged with trafficking and possession of heroin and also operating a vehicle with a false compartment.  It is against the law to modify or alter a vehicle to add a hidden compartment, especially if it is being used to conceal drugs or controlled substances.

If convicted, they could both face up to 20 years of jail/prison time.  Do you think people are getting too much jail/prison time for drugs?  Let’s talk about it…  Please comment below.

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