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Over 40 Pounds Of Fentanyl Seized In Dayton, OH.

Dayton, OH – Over 40 POUNDS of Fentanyl were seized during the week of October 21, 2019 from three male suspects (Shamar Davis, 31, Anthony Franklin, 30 & Grady Jackson, 37).  It looks like there were multiple police departments, federal agents & task forces assisting to close in on the arrest of the suspects.

The three men are all facing charges of possession with intent to distribute and felons in possession of a firearm.  Agents seized over 20 kilograms of “suspected” fentanyl, 1500 grams of “suspected” meth, 500 grams of “suspected” heroin, three firearms and over $30,000 in cash.  Agents are classifying that amount of drugs (especially the fentanyl) as chemical warfare and/or weapons of mass destruction.

These illegal drugs ruin lives, destroys families, fuels violence, drives up property crime, and wrecks neighborhoods. Anyone associated with it—especially those who sell and traffic it—are doing violence to people and causing harm in our communities,” said Sheriff Rob Streck. “We are proud of the teamwork on this investigation. With the help from our partner agencies, we were all able to take dangerous drug dealers off the streets.”

Homeland Security Investigation special agent, Vance Callender, says  “20 grams of fentanyl is enough to kill the entire population of Ohio, many times over.”  Fentanyl & methamphetamines are the primary cause of most of the overdose deaths in the area. 

This was a multi-million dollar drug bust, how do you feel about opioids ruining the community?  What makes the opioid epidemic any different from the crack epidemic in the 80’s?  Comment below… let’s talk about it.

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