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Over $50 Million In Credits for Dominion Energy Ohio Residential Customers

This is the season for giving, so thank you to the utility companies for trying to provide a little extra relief and holiday help to the customers, and in this case… some BACK-PAYMENTS.

Dominion Energy Ohio has overcharged customers in the past, and because of it… overcharged, residential customers will be getting a reduced bill for many years to come.

$50.9 million in gas credits will be applied to the accounts of the residential gas customers whom were overcharged. According to the agreement between the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and Dominion Energy, this will go into effect immediately.

Now don’t get too happy seeing that BIG number of $50.9 million, because it will be spread out over 38 years & divided by thousands of customers.

  • Year 1 – bill reduction of about $5.80 per month
  • Year 2-6 – bill reduction of about $3.15 per month
  • Year 7+ – bill reduction of about $1.55 per month

I think they could have lessened the amount of years they will spread it out so the customers could actually see a difference, but I’m not complaining (I guess). Some money back is better than no money back!

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