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Papa was a Rolling Stone and Cardi B and Offset are on the cover of One!

So mid day yesterday Cardi B and Offset and baby Bardi’s (by way of the tatted belly) front cover for the up and coming July issue of Rolling Stone magazine was leaked!

While the picture is absolutely beautiful, with the couple looking like real ‘70’s icons, from the big hair to the interesting fabrics.

Cardi being like completely naked from the under boob down, with the belly exposed and  still somehow rocking a train! And Dad to be Offset kissing the belly while rocking what looks like a red velvet belled bottomed three piece suit, that somehow he actually pulls it off, go figure.

Although the cover was leaked, like three weeks early Cardi showed that she isn’t bothered by the early release of her amazing cover! She shared it her self on her instagram yesterday evening with a perfect caption saying how y’all can’t take away her happiness because her Daughter made it to the cover of Rolling Stone… If you were still wondering, Yeah Cardi’s made it!!! Go Cardi GO!

I am very proud of the woman the artist has become watching her transform right before our eyes from L&HH to becoming a chart topping artist to now gracing the Cover of the world renowned magazine! As she has said her lil 15 minuets lasting long as hell!


I personally can not wait to actually read the contents inside the issue once is actually released this hip hop love story is one for the ages… Congratulations Cardi B and Offset!

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