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Parents Being Held Responsible for Child Bullying

School Systems Taking Action Against Parents Concerning Child Bullying

Three Chances to Control Your Child from Bullying or Pay $500 Fine.

As a Tuesday morning ritual while getting myself together before I scurry down to Ear Kandy Radio Station to do my live broadcast, I watch Fox 8 News. As I was checking myself over to post a selfie, but the selfie was put on hold as I was hearing parents will face a $500 fine for child who is a repeated bully. The broadcaster on Fox 8 proceeded to say that the actions that are taken is warning and sit down for the first offense, then a class taken for the second offense, and the final result if the bullying continues is $500 Fine for the parents of the bully.

My first initial reactions was ‘Here’s another stipulation to get into struggling families pockets, isn’t the lottery suppose to pay for educational programs’  but when I pulled up to the studio my thought about it was different. #CharsOpinion:

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If the school system wants to implement stipulations on bullying then so be it. To my understanding black communities are not having multiple shootings in the schools because of bullying. Our children are the ones who get shoot by law enforcement and/or by idiots who handle firearms ignorantly. If the light skinned society wants to try to get a handle on their off spring, whom obviously doesn’t want to deal with disappointment, disapproval, and/or doesn’t know how to handle uncomfortable situations, let their society do what they do best and tamper with the evil green monster they try so desperately to protect ‘The Love of Money’

Black Communities are not about pay a system that is set up to weed out and fail our children. Majority of black families whether it is two parent or single parent home has their children on point with behavior in public and how to handle being picked on. It is true concerning bullying has gotten out of control, but to try and have a parent pay money for bullying is ridiculous. Ten times out of ten, the signs are there when individuals, children, and society target and display malicious behavior. Attention and solutions should come into play immediately when discomforting behavior is displayed. How to handle bullying, uncomfortable situations, and the proper actions to take towards this behavior should be taught at home. Conversation concerning these type of matters should be discussed on a regular.

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