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Pascagoula, MS – Toddler Gets Attacked By 4 Year Old At Daycare

A Mississippi father is outraged as he claims a 4 year old attacked his son at daycare!

Trent Latoye Hudson made a post and posted some pictures on FaceBook last night of his son Dakota with scratches all over his face.  He claims this happened while his son was at a home daycare (Pooh and the Crew Daycare). 

This is 100% UNACCEPTABLE!!!  Most parents struggle with even having to send their kids to daycare because they have to work…  then for something like this to happen, when you thought you left your child with somebody you could trust is just too much!  I feel so sorry for poor little Dakota!  I mean, honestly…  how long was this going on??  If you take a close look at the pictures, you will see what looks like to be either blood or tears on the boy’s shirt.  This attacked lasted longer than somebody just turning their back for a few seconds.

Dad Trent says that he will be seeking justice for his child, looking for a lawyer & hopes to get this daycare shut down!  Prayers to baby Dakota for a speedy recovery, and shame on you Pooh and the Crew Daycare!


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One thought on “Pascagoula, MS – Toddler Gets Attacked By 4 Year Old At Daycare

  1. The garbage at daycare need taking out of business. That’s unacceptable. Violation of child protective services.

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