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Pass or Fail!!!!

A report from Channel 4 in Nicaragua is making international news. According to the local report, a teacher of Colombian origin – identified as Yokasta M. – was arrested.

The local media claims that Yakosta allegedly forced her students to have sex with her or otherwise threatened to fail them.

The media reports say that the teacher used social networks to send photos in which she wore short clothes and posed suggestively to her students, in order to make proposals.

Yokasta then – according to a Channel 4 report – took them to her apartment, under the promise that they would have good grades if they agreed to have relations with her and satisfy her; if they refused, she threatened to fail.

One of the parents realized what was happening after she saw images of the teacher – scantily dressed – being shared among the students.

For more pic goto http://youtu.be/J0NQx-N7PJ0

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