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Pastor Kicks Kids Out Of School Because He Claims Mother is Living in Adultery!

One of my Face Book friends shared this story about John Wilson, the Pastor over her kids school (Chapel Hill Christian in Akron, OH). Now I follow this girl on social media and she always shares positive posts!! I will share her story below & I ask that you all share this article as well. This is discrimination at it finest, and she, nor her children deserve to be discriminated against in this manner! There is a video at the bottom of this post, proving she is not lying about anything she shared.

I really debated do I want to share my story or not because it’s truly hard and really is sad! But as you see I chose yes! 
So this Friday I was called at 4pm to be told by the pastor John Wilson at Chapel Hill Christian school that my kids could no longer attend there. In his words it’s not that they shouldn’t attend but that they CANT attend. With approximately 30 more days of the school year left while on a scholarship my kids can not return for the rest of the year or further more. No formal notice nor hearing. They now have no school! My kids have never been suspended or written up at school or on bus! My kids have A’s & B’s. THIS can cause them to forfeit their scholarship for next year to another private school. The school has already accepted monies for this complete year for their attendance. The pastor on a recorded call (by me) informed me that because I was not living under the covenant of their school rules by the fact that I’ve committed adultery that my kids and I are not welcomed to be a part of the school. He then stated that he’s assuming that I’ve lived with at least two men and that’s grounds for departure of our relationship to the school. He also stated that his school is no longer accepting students with families who are living together and not married. Mind you I had been with one man for 5 years, our entire time we had been with the school. My children have never been at a different school since kindergarten and I’ve never been married since they’ve started the school and the school was aware of my marital status pre acceptance. His conclusion to kick my children out of school came from a bus incident one day prior with only one of my children where the driver antagonized my child repeatedly over moving her seat closer to him because he felt like she couldn’t hear him when he called her. My child informed him she could not hear him over the other children talking. She did as she was told n moved up to the front of the bus. He then refused to open the bus doors not allowing them off at their stop, asking my daughters repeatedly “do you hear me now” until they responded. My oldest said yes to get off the bus. She got off the bus got into the car crying. The next day I put them on the bus as normal. They proceeded to their normal seats. He refused to shut the doors & pull the bus off the street until they sat up front. I seen him holding the doors open but trying to avoid confrontation and hoping he would just let it go and pull off and approach the situation differently I tried to ignored him until I couldn’t. He flagged me down for about 30 seconds to come onto the bus. I came on
the steps of the bus told my children to sit up front n told him how I would appreciate if he would stop picking on my child and take them to school! How I felt his decisions were petty and that he was wrong to hold an entire bus of children over a seat. This resulted in the bus driver yelling for me to get off his bus and then once I stepped down and I stood on the ground of the street in the door way of the bus he then threatened to physically SLAM the bus doors on me and then called the Akron Police. Because I defended myself in letting him know if he chose to physically assault me with those doors I would defend myself. The pastor felt this indent shed a light on the other issue like me committing adultery and this was his reasoning as to why my children CANT come to there school. My mother and I asked the bus driver and the school pastor and principal to view the tapes which they refused us to view several times. I asked the pastor how he felt about this man threatening me and his response was “ I DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION “ I’ve left two messages with Akron school district Bus coordinator and they have not responded either. I will post a clip of the recorded video of our conversation so that you can be the judge yourself! If you ever had an issue idc how small, with this school or this pastor inbox me! Does your child go there and is not a part of a married home, if so Plz be cautious because you can be next! Plz repost and make this go viral help me let ppl in this world know it’s not ok to discriminate and judge and hide it behind your faith!?? let’s hold these ppl accountable. it’s truly hard and really is sad! But as you see I chose yes! 

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Kicks Kids Out Of School Because He Claims Mother is Living in Adultery!

  1. I would hope Ms. Grant will give the full details of the entire story. It appears the school gave Ms. Grant multiple chances during her 5 year relationship with the school, not as a single parent, but as a sister in Christ. Ms. Grant, why aren’t you releasing the full audio tape? It appears that only a portion of the tape is being released. There are other single parents who have children enrolled and thriving at this school. I would wish the public learns they shouldn’t rush to conclusions without getting the full story, however it appears the school would rather have FALSE accusations placed on them, then embarrass a sister in Christ.

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