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Pastor Sentenced For SEX TRAFFICKING

Toledo, OH – Yet another pastor has been convicted of sex trafficking in the state of Ohio.

Anthony Haynes, 40, has just been sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking a minor. Back in March, he was convicted of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor, child exploitation, sex trafficking and obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation.

The U.S. Attorney, Justin Herdman said,

“This defendant and his friends preyed upon vulnerable child and used her for their own gratification.”

Two other men have also been sentenced for their roles in the same case (both pastors as well). Cordell Jenkins was also sentenced to life in prison and Kenneth Butler was sentenced to over 17 years in prison. They both pleaded guilty for their roles in the sex trafficking conspiracy involving minors.

According to court documentation from the Department of Justice, the minor child was in the custody of Anthony Haynes when the sexual assaults 1st started. The victim was only 14 when the sexual assaults started as well.

Some of the assaults took place at the Greater Life Christian Center (Toledo), where Haynes practiced as pastor. “Pastor” Haynes wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, as he recorded the assaults on his cell phone, which was taken into evidence.

Haynes told the 14-year old that if she said anything abut what was going on that she would destroy the church and his family. Haynes then made her available for the other “pastors” involved in the conspiracy.

Jenkins repeatedly exploited the young girl in his home, motels and even in his church office (Abundant Life Ministries). He even paid her “hush money” and recorded some of the transactions in his cell phone. U.S. District Court records show 43-year-old Laura Lloyd-Jenkins was arrested as well when the case 1st started for charges such as obstructing a sex trafficking investigation and making a false statement.

I for one am extremely happy these “pastors” were brought to justice! It’s so sad when people use the Lord to do such heinous crimes. Do you guys think justice was served??

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