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Pastor Tell Drag Queen To Leave His Church!

This video has been floating around on social media and I would love to hear how you guys feel about it!  A pastor was preaching and stopped the service to ask a “drag queen” who was sitting in the congregation to please leave his church and to go put on some men’s clothing.  Antonio Rocquemore, pastor of Powerhouse International Ministries is his name and I won’t repeat everything that was said word-for-word, but take a look at the video below and let’s talk about it.

I honestly am not tooo sure how to feel about this.  I do understand what the Bible says about homosexuality, but there are other sins in the Bible as well.  Only God can judge us, and I’m sorry, but it seems like this pastor is judging the drag queen.  You just never know what that man was going through, and I think for the pastor to kick him out… it may have really deterred his walk with the Lord.  

The thing about these “holier than thou” people and pastors is that a lot of them are hypocrites.  When Jesus was in the world, he did not only hang out at the churches and around the “righteous” people… Jesus was in the hood, and all his people were not considered “righteous”.  They were thugs, murderers, cheaters, thieves and worst.  

How can you tell people to “come as you are” but when they come, you kick them out???  Please… what are your thoughts on this one?

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Tell Drag Queen To Leave His Church!

  1. If you are going to stand for holiness, go all the way. Tight pants are not holiness. Now tell those women behind you to go put an appropriate dress if your church is a holiness church. God is not going to tell you to address one sin and not address the other sin in the church. Come on now.

  2. Jesus said you will know them by the love they show one for the other. Bro pastor you missed an opportunity to witness and show love for the sinner instead of pointing out an obvious sin. Jesus said the well don’t need a physician the sick do our jobs as leaders is to witness win souls be wise as serpents but harmless as doves and I’m sure using any form of profanity is NOT holy…bitter and sweet can’t flow from the same fountain according to James. We should be grateful GOD is NOT like us…….Mr Drag Queen you are welcome to attend the church God has blessed us to pasto anytime

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