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Pastor Vernon Prays at a Night Club

Dr. R. A. Vernon is the founder and senior pastor of The Word Church, the largest and fastest growing church in the history of Cleveland, Ohio and one of the fastest growing churches in America.

Having started with only one service in a high school in 2000, The Word Church is now a multisite ministry with fourteen services and four campuses across Northeastern Ohio including Warrensville Heights (Main), Downtown, East Cleveland, and Akron, which is currently under renovation, opening in the spring of 2015. A believer in the power of cash over credit and the importance of stewardship, Dr. Vernon opened The Word Church Downtown in the fall of 2014, completely debt free.

Now I tell you guys these things to set the stage for the video you are about to watch.  Pastor Vernon speaks about going into a night club with the rapper Ray Jr. to pray for the people (right before he proceeds into the club).  He says he is not going there to drink or dance and is going home to his wife…  but take a look at both the videos, then form your opinions and please comment below.  Lets blog about it.

What are your thoughts?  Does it seem like he is doing this sincerely from his heart or do you think he is doing this to be seen and for the money that may or may not be associated with it?

In my opinion… as a Pastor, it is your duty to go into those dark places and save souls. You can’t just stay in the church with the believers! As believers, we already know where we’re going and how to get there. Not only pastors, but us as believers need to always be the light to drive non believers to the Lord.

For more information on Pastor Vernon, please visit http://wordcity.org/dr-r-a-vernon/ .

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Vernon Prays at a Night Club

  1. I don’t think it matters why as long as he helps one person!!!! Who cares why!! He wouldn’t have risked his wife seeing that. So I think he is doing right!!

  2. God said Go into the hedges and hihways to compel men. Where ever you Go on this earth as long as God send you there is nothing wrong with it.
    We always want to put a stipulation on what God people do and how they do it. God sent people in every direction. He sent one to go get a prostitute and marry her. Peter was a cursing man and he still used him. Don’t find faught! Join in on saving souls. Somebody need a word from the Lord. The Young men the young women need a word. The Word! Will Save Your Soul.

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