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Pennsylvania Man Shoots Another Man For Hitting A Woman In His Home

Somewhere in Pennsylvania – A man is being praised as a hero by some and accused of “taking it too far” after shooting a man for roughing up a woman in his home.

There are no details yet regarding this video, but it appears they were in the shooters home or home studio and started fighting. The victim was telling the perpetrator to get off of her and to stop putting his hands on her. The shooter came out of one of the back rooms and tried to de-escalate the situation.

The perpetrator told him this didn’t have anything to do with the shooter and continued to assault the victim. The shooter pulled his gun out and the gave him one more chance before shooting him. We are not sure if the perpetrator lived or where he was shot, but EKR will be sure to follow the story and keep you guys updated.

Take a look at the video… do you think the shooter was wrong?

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