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Pepa Allegedly “Owes Down” Her Plastic Surgeon Put A Lien On Her For Over $670,000 In UNPAID Booty Repair Services

Dr. David Sayah, MD | Sayah, David, Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. David Sayah, has allegedly secured his bag owed to him by Sanda Denton (Pepa from the iconic group Salt-N-Pepa). He put a lien on the veteran emcee for $676,675 for services rendered but unpaid.

According to court documents, Pepa is currently in a lawsuit against Uber over an accident she was involved in. Dr. Sayah wants to ensure he will be paid if Pepa is awarded her money. The lien will enable him to collect his money without any hassle.

Pepa claims Dr. Sayah is responsible for a botch liposuction procedure he performed on her and forced her to have to get another corrective surgery. She also alleges he was supposed to remove some biopolymer material from her butt implants to relieve some pain, but he actually made it worse. He then convinced her to replace her current butt implants with smaller implants.

I’m just so confused… because how do you rack up over $670,000 in booty repair?? Ear Kandy Radio will be sure to keep you updated on the story.

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