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Permit Patty – Lady Calls Police on 8 Yr Old Girl For Selling Water

I really hate to report of these types of situations because I really have to choose my words wisely so the blog doesn’t come off as racist.  But this one just is what it is.  A white lady (social media has given her the nickname of Permit Patty) called the police on a little 8 year old biracial girl for selling WATERS outside of their apartment building where they live in San Francisco, California.

Permit Patty (who has been identified as Alison Ettel) approached the little girl to ask her if she had a permit to be selling the water and that’s when the little girl’s mom (Erin Austin) stepped in and started to record, catching Ettel off guard as she called the police.  Ettel must have been embarrassed because when Austin started recording, she ducked down and hid behind a brick wall as if nobody would be able to see her.  Take a look at the video below.

Erin Austin told reporters that she had just recently lost her job and her daughter was trying to raise money to go to Disney Land.  Ettel told the Huffington Post that when she called the police it had no “racial component” to it.  She said the real reason is because she was working in her office with the windows open and all she could hear was them screaming about what they were selling.

“They were screaming about what they were selling” she said.  “It was literally non-stop.  It was every two seconds, ‘Come on & buy my water.’  It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming”

But then in the same breath, she also said that she didn’t really call the police, she was only “pretending”…  After being posted on social media, of course the hashtag #PermitPatty has gone viral & the little girl was even gifted with four tickets to Disneyland by a man who heard about the story on social media.

But who is Permit Patty??  Alison Ettel Co-Founded “Treatwell” a medical cannabis company that sells THC and Cannabidiol Tinctures for dogs, cats and people which was founded in 2015.  They claim to provide the highest quality cannabis to both people and animals.  Since the incident, Permit Patty has deleted her personal social media accounts, but not the page for her Weed Business.  People have been threatening to boycott Treatwell as well.

Me personally, I am so tired of all the race wars!  There was no need for the police to get involved.  That was not an emergency situation to warrant calling the police.  Especially considering the line of work that Ms. Permit Patty is in!  More than the average person, she knows the struggles of pursuing something you are passionate about and having people in the community not support your dream.  I think the police departments across the country need to crack down on people calling them for non life threatening situations.  Let’s talk about it…  how can we combat the race war?

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