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Physician Assistant’s Messages Leaked – How They Feel About People Of Color

Dr. Karl Anthony Simon answers to racist accusations

Dr. Karl Anthony Simon, a white physician assistant, who worked at Memorial Hermann Hospital chains in Houston, text messages were leaked by an anonymous source back in August of 2018. The messages showed how he & his colleagues talked bad about women, people of color and even people who have disabilities.

Now instead of the hospital firing Simon, they exposed the anonymous source’s name and Simon filed a law suit against them for defamation of character. Good thing the judge threw the case out, then the anonymous source sued the hospital for leaking their name.

After receiving “public proof” Simon was fired (even though he was still permitted to work their after the text messages were originally leaked).

Do you think the hospital handled this situation correctly?? Black people, especially black women die at a very high rate of untreated and misdiagnosed illnesses, and pregnancies. Racism and negligence play a huge part. Take a look at the video and please place your comments below on this thread.

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2 thoughts on “Physician Assistant’s Messages Leaked – How They Feel About People Of Color

  1. I guess he did not know with a civil suit the burden of proof was on him to show he had been hurt, he could not do prove that. The judge dismissed his case. Instead his emails and text messages became public. Poetic justice.

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