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Pilot Flies a Plane Into His OWN HOME Trying to Kill His Wife

Just another domestic violent dispute right??  It seems like these situations are getting scarier and scarier, but this happened in Utah this past Monday (8/13/18) around 2:30 am.  

A Utah man (Duane Youd, 47 years old) flew his employer’s private plane into his own house hours after he was released from being arrested for assaulting his wife.  His employer said he was an experienced pilot so investigators are led to believe he did this intentionally.  Youd did not survive the plane crash, but his wife and child were able to escape thankfully.  (This was not his 1st bout with domestic violence.  In April he plead guilty to disorderly conduct & was ordered to attend counselling for six months).

The day before this fatal plane crash, Youd was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.  Him & his wife went to a Canyon to discuss the problems they were having in the marriage & that’s where the assault occurred.  This happened around 7:30 pm (Sunday) and he posted bail, then requested for an escort to accompany him to his house so he could get some of his things around midnight.  The escorting officer confirmed he grabbed his things without incident.  Within hours, Youd was taking off in the plane from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport about 15 miles north of his house. He flew directly to his neighborhood and smashed into his house.

They lived in a really nice neighborhood.  Their house was valued at around $400,000 in 2016.  Youd barely missed the power lines and the other houses in the area, that’s how you can really tell (in my opinion) he knew exactly what he was doing.  He was hoping that it would be a murder/suicide, but I’m so happy his wife and kid made it out safely.  It’s sad that her husband trying to kill her & ultimately killing himself is what finally set her free.


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