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Pimping or Parenting?

There have been many women to come forward about mega star Robert Kelly or R. Kelly and the lifestyle beyond music. This one stood out a little more vivid in my personal opinion. The 17 year olds recount of not only her & Kelly, but her and her mom’s candid conversations about the potential love life that her mother wanted her to have with the derailed singer.

17 yr old “Jane Doe” (as she was referred to in court documents) shared numerous text messages from 2015, between herself and her mother. The stories of parents using their children as bargaining chips are far from new. Parents wanting a glimpse of the high life at the expense of a child is a reality rarely spoke about publicly.

In this particular case, Jane Doe, then 17 made it clear that she had sex with Kelly in which they never discussed age. Her mother would go into details on how she (Jane) should flirt, clothing to wear & so on. It doesn’t seem far-fetched due to Kelly’s recollection of a 21y/o and a 23y/o parents “sold” their daughters to him. Which stirred up a lot of emotions and questions, as to why these parents haven’t been charged.

Kelly was sentence to 30 years in prison by federal Judge Ann Donnelly of New York. The judge went on to say “This case is not about sex, “It is about violence, cruelty and control.” Prior to the trial, Kelly would be quoted saying “How come it was OK for me to see them until they were getting no money from me?” This quote is beginning to trend again with the court documents of Jane & her moms approach at the situation.

There’s been a lot of mixed feelings on who’s right & who’s wrong. Wrong is wrong, no way around that.

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