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LaVail Duncan is a (Black, I mean African) American Director / Writer / Actor / Videographer / Photographer, from  Akron, OH.  He owns his own production company Point Blank Productions, LLC.  He’s been in the film industry for almost 20 years and he delivers smash, mouth in your face content, hence the name Point Blank.  His style is apologetically blunt as possible. “My art is my expression and I will not silence that for no one.” LaVail has been known to be a perfectionist in all he does and very meticulous with the smallest details. If there is something that he wants to happen and it’s not in his reach, he’ll wait until it can be done. “A wolf stalking his prey will starve before he gives up his position.” In the midst of all the madness of the film industry he feels it’s important to spend time with family and friends. “Doing what we do it’s easy to become consumed or lost in the madness, it’s our responsibility to find a balance.” When LaVail is not working in the field he likes to study film and learn different styles and techniques from the greats. He is always looking for ways to bring that Wow factor to his work. He takes pride in bringing your imagination to life.

LaVail has currently produced one film (No Loose Ends) which came out earlier this year and he is currently working on a film called (Black Girl Fatal).

No Loose Ends was a super dope movie co-produced with Leroc Films(Rob Bruce).  He really boosted up the standards for the films being produced out of Akron, OH.  The film starred Rob Bruce, Young H, Cashay Crowe, Black Wolf & Tre Dotson all of Akron, OH.  It was about being in the “game”.  When dealing in the streets, you never know what can happen or who will turn their back on you.  You can never really be sure of who you can trust.  When money & greed is the root, NOBODY is safe!  The movie took so many twists and turns… you have to watch it to see all the action.  Coming to Amazon video soon but for now, you can “LIKE” the FaceBook page NO LOOSE ENDS FB PAGE

LaVail’s second movie called “Black Girl Fatal” is getting ready for it’s release!  Check out the trailer below co-produced by Meat The Jones & Rhyme Slaya.  I cannot wait for this movie to come out!

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