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Police Chokes Unarmed Black Teenager For Being Cold

An unarmed, black teenager, Terrance Devon Reed III, was transported to the hospital after an altercation with a deputy at the Sarasota County Juvenile Assessment Center last Tuesday.

Thankfully, the entire incident was caught on video, and the deputy involved, Neil Pizzo, has been placed on administrative leave as the Internal Affairs investigates the situation. Not only did he attack him, but he also hit him with a few blows after he was already on the ground.

Terrance was charged with contempt of court, probation violations and possession and trafficking of drugs. He was apart of a police line-up, when deputies said he became uncooperative.

The sheriff took a look at the surveillance video in slow motion and he says he was “disappointed in what he say.” He was also concerned about the lack of de-escalation techniques used by his deputy as well.

Take a look at the video below… there is no sound, but you can clearly see this deputy did not have to handle the situation the way he did.

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One thought on “Police Chokes Unarmed Black Teenager For Being Cold

  1. The officer reacted when the person jumped up hands out of short like he was about to attack. The officer had the right to detain him for the way he conducted himself jumping up like he’s about to hit the officer. Everyone wanna point they finger at the cop that’s bull crap ! Stop lying to yourselves people!
    I remember being in jail and if any inmate or whoever in that situation as that suspect is and all of a sudden jumped up like that would of got a beat down and pepper sprayed – that is protocol most facilities even if it’s a juvenile detention. Just cause he under age ha ok he old enough to do what he did to be there he need a butt whopping when he act stupid ! Its called discipline . Y’all gone learn today 💯
    He shouldn’t of hit more after he had him on the ground though but who knows he could of been resisting. If so that’s too calls for a beat down

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