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Police Get Disrespectful With The “Feeling Cute Challenge”

You may have been seeing people posting pictures of themselves at work using the hashtag #FeelingCuteChallenge, followed by a cute little caption.
Courtney Muse, a driver for UPS, posted a photo on March 30, 2019 in his uniform in a field. He captioned it, “feeling cute, might deliver your package later, idk.”

Well, you know how it is this day & age… people always have to take things to the extreme. What was meant to be a funny post, was twisted and turned into a sick game by a lot of police officers around the world. Though some are posting their picture as a joke, law enforcement officers are posting a picture of themselves with less than humorous captions. Sammie Warren, from Michigan, noticed a few of the pictures posted on Facebook in a law enforcement support group called Correctional Officer Life.

The captions range from officers stating they may shoot people, plant drugs, use force, or leave inmates in the shower for excessive amount of time. So far, Warren and others have been able to figure out which department each officer works at and have notified their superiors, demanding officers to be either fired or charged with crimes of conspiracy to abuse.

Take a look at some of the photos and read the captions… do you guys think people are being too hard on the police officers/correction officers, or do they need to pay for what they did??

To learn more, and see all the officers who posted these challenges… please visit the American Police Problem website.

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One thought on “Police Get Disrespectful With The “Feeling Cute Challenge”

  1. You miss the part where Sammie Warren/THF/trolls are the ones who exposed it TO families and media

    Want proof? There are stories not being posted in the open media like guards admitting to pouring piss on inmates. One guard gives a how to take revenge on an inmate and get away with it. One admits to fantasizing about putting sarin gas in the sprinkler system.. check the org article from police accountability

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