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Police Looking For Suspect Who Drove Bulldozer Into Akron Home

UPDATED – 7/31/2019

A suspect has been arrested and charged with a felony theft and criminal damaging for allegedly stealing the bulldozer and damaging this Akron resident’s property. Randy Schiffbauer, 22 of Akron, reportedly had an argument with the resident of the home prior to the bulldozer attack.

Akron, OH – Police are currently searching for a suspect who allegedly stole a bulldozer from a nearby construction site, and crashed it into an Akron home.

The incident occurred Friday July 5th around 4 pm. Police were called to the scene (the 700 block of Inman Street) and found the home, enclosed porch, a parked vehicle and fence damaged.

The residents of the home said they heard some type of vehicle hitting their house, and when they looked out the window, they saw the bulldozer coming towards their house to hit it a second time.

The suspect left the scene in his underwear on the bulldozer, which was later found in the intersection of E. Crosier and Lafollette. The police is the property of Lockhart Concrete and it was stolen from the construction site located at Chittenden and Bittaker.

The suspect remains on the run. Something tells me there is some foul play, and the suspect knows the people’s house they hit. Why would they hit the same house a second time?? I could be wrong, but we will keep you updated on this story.

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