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Police Officer Has Lunch With Homeless Woman

Goldsboro, NC – Officer Michael Rivers of the Goldsboro Police Department was caught in a selfless act of giving his time and food to a homeless woman. Rivers has been with the police department for over nine years, and he has come to know a lot of the homeless people in the area he patrols.

Rivers came across a homeless woman wearing a shirt that said “Homeless. The faster way of becoming a nobody.”

The two of them made eye contact and exchanged a “HEY” and he continued on his route. Something made him go back because the shirt was tugging on his heart strings. He said that God put on his heart to get her lunch after asking her if she had eaten that day (which she had not yet).

Rivers grabbed a pepperoni and cheese pizza from a nearby restaurant and sat down in the grass next to her. They shared the pizza and conversations about their lives for about 45 minutes.

She said her name was Michelle and she had two kids, a 12 year old daughter who was in the foster system and battling liver disease, and a 23 year old son. Her husband is also homeless (and he was stationed across the street while they talked).

The two went their separate ways, but Rivers could not help to think about how much they had in common. Homeless people and police are both perceived in a negative light. We (as people) blame homeless people for the way their lives panned out, not knowing what really happened in their lives. While police are always talked about for the bad things they do in the community… people never talk about the good things they do.

The beautiful moment between officer Rivers and Michelle was caught by a member of the community and she posted it on Face Book.

“Law enforcement does so much for our community, with a lot of it going unnoticed. We see you Goldsboro P.D. Keep up the good work”

~Chris Barnes

Kudos to this officer, we need more like him!

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