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Police Racial Profile A Black Man Who Happened To Be An FBI Agent

Two police officers clearly racial profiled a black man and tried to arrest him. He was dark-skinned, tall and wearing a gold chain with baggy clothes… they “thought” he was somebody else.

After telling the officers multiple times he was not who they thought he was, they told him they “thought” he had a warrant. The officers then tried to strong-arm him and make him stand up so they could arrest him. You definitely have to commend him, because he probably could have took them both on, but instead he went with the flow.

After putting him in cuffs, he told the officers to check his wallet and look at his ID. He never actually said if he was an FBI Agent (of course if he was, he would not say it outloud or on camera), maybe some kind of high ranking military officer… I’m not sure. He was clearly somebody high in power because they took him out of the cuffs expeditiously. Take a look at the video below. Do you think the cops regretted their racial profiling??


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