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Police Shoot & Kill Unarmed Black Teenager Running Naked

Edmond, OK – A 17 year old black teenager (Isaiah Lewis) is dead by the hands of the Edmond police in Oklahoma. A 911 call was placed about the a black man breaking into somebody’s house & assaulting a teen, so the police started searching for him.

Another 911 call came in saying there was two white girls and she thought the boyfriend was beating one of them up (according to the 911 report, one of the girls said her boyfriend just flipped out on her shortly after getting to her house, but he was not physical… she said he was acting strange as if he was hiding something, but never physical).

A third 911 call came in reporting a black male removing all his clothes and running and hiding in different locations.

Two officers also reported seeing the teen break into an occupied house and both were allegedly “violently assaulted” after they followed him into the home. Initially they used their taser on Isaiah multiple times & it “allegedly” had no effect on him. Then one of the officers fired their gun also multiple times, striking him.

Isaiah was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The Edmond Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting.  The officers involved, Sgt. Milo Box, 56, and Officer Denton Scherman, 24, are on administrative assignment. Police have not revealed which one of the officers fired the deadly shots.

When I heard this story, I immediately thought something must have been wrong with poor Isaiah mentally. That poor child was unarmed & naked, what possible threat could he have been to police officers who should be trained to handle these type of situations? I just feel so bad for him and his family. His mother said the police department was trying to assassinate her son’s character, and she won’t let that happen! She expressed her concerns about her son not being able to attend his prom or graduation like the rest of the kids his age.

Ear Kandy Radio sends our condolences to the family and we will keep you updated on this story as it unfolds. This is why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is so crucial. It sad we have become immune to our people getting killed by the police.

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3 thoughts on “Police Shoot & Kill Unarmed Black Teenager Running Naked

  1. I live in Edmond, Ok and thought I would give your readers some insight into this incident.

    There are several articles with more information from local sources here in Oklahoma.

    First off. this wasn’t a child, as your article referred to the deceased. Reports listed him at over 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. This is a man who was able to to still resist arrest after being tased 3 times, struck an officer who received a concussion and basically man handled to police officers, before being stopped with leathal force to save their own lives and local citizens who were in potential danger.

    Local news reported that suspect/ deceased was attending Boulevard Academy in Edmond, which is a school where students with severe behavioral disabilities.

    Local news reported drug paraphernalia/scales was being carried and was thrown over fence while fleeing policemen.

    Local news reported that police was called by neighbor when suspects girlfriend fled to house with food delivery woman who witnessed suspect’s aggressive and out of control behavior.

    Local news reported that naked man fleeing police broke into neighbors home while fleeing police.

    Based on witness accounts, including his girlfriend’s local news statement, the suspect was acting erratically and oddly implying drug use. Hiding drug paraphernalia and drug weighing scales implies drug sales and not just use, I’m sure that this will be investigated further by Edmond P.D.

    Anyone wishing to collaborate this information, the articles and videos are on the first page of Google search for ” Edmond, Ok police shooting ”

    Prayers to the police officer injured and to suspect’s family.

    I’m sure more information will come out this week. Toxicology reports for drug use on suspect, investigations of incident and other pertinent information.

    I can tell you as a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, that in every interaction that I’ve had with an Edmond Police Officer they have been professional and courteous in every regard. I’ve lived in several states and the Edmond Police department have been the best, most well trained police officers that I’ve ever had to interact with.

    1. Thank you for your feedback on the article. Since I am not a resident it’s good to have some insight. I will update the article. Thank you again.

  2. I also live in Edmond. I knew Isaiah Lewis since he was about seven years old. He was one of my grandson’s very best friends. I saw him grow up to be a very fine young man. He was quiet, polite, and very respectful to those around him. He had many friends, both black and white. He was in my house probably hundreds of times over the years. My family felt he was almost a member of the family. We grieved his death, and I personally have been affected by the many ignorant and insensitive comments I have seen posted.
    To correct a comment made above, Boulevard Academy is not a place for persons with “severe behavioral problems.” Isaiah was having difficulties with his studies at Edmond Memorial High School, so he transferred to Boulevard Academy to receive extra help with his studies. He was due to graduate with his friends at Edmond Memorial High School, and was looking forward to graduation. At the graduation exercises, the school decorated a chair with his cap and gown.
    I don’t know what happened to cause his behavior on the afternoon he was killed. Most of his friends say his behavior was completely out of character. I hope the investigation will try to find out what happened.
    I wanted to post this because I have seen so many statements from people who didn’t know Isaiah. I did know him, and I am so saddened by his death. I don’t think it had to happen. In my opinion, it would not have happened if our police officers were trained to recognize what was happening and how to properly respond. You don’t shoot an unarmed teen.

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