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POPS Made A YouTube Video HOURS Before His Death

As most of the world knows, John Witherspoon… better known as “POPS” passed away Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Pops starred in the classic “Friday” movies, playing Craig’s dad, and a list of other hit TV shows (Wayans Brothers & Boondocks) & movies (Soul Plane, Boomerang, Vampire In Brookyln and much, much more).

Pops will be truly missed by his family, friends and fans, as we witnessed an out pour of love on social media for him. Th e cause of death has still not been released, but thankfully he was not sick and did not suffer.

Hours before Pops passed away, he uploaded a video to his You Tube channel, showing people how to “cook poor man’s gumbo” for his 187K subscribers. In this video, he didn’t show any signs of being sick, and he even joked about some trending topics. Check the video out below, and let’s all remember Pops doing what he did best… Making us laugh!

Rest In Peace POPS!

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