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Prayers going out to Jhonni Blaze…

Praying for Jhonni B. Remember in my article on mental health in the African American Community I said we need to make it okay to talk about! How sometime we feel overwhelmed and need to let that Shit out! Unfortunately tonight Jhonni had what I call a “cleansing cry”. It’s when you let out all the build up pain and releasing it by crying.

Remember Crying doesn’t make you WEAK. Crying is a way of healing and allowing negativity to flow out from our body’s. Learning breathing methods to relax you during stressful periods help as well. Breathe in the positivity and release the negativity. It’s easier said than done but does help in this type of situation where you’re already worked up and need to get your heart rate back to normal.

She opened up about being a voice for people who have faced similar issues and I just want to say I’m praying for her strength. As a community we need to start making our mental health important! I pray whatever trails Jhonni is facing she finds strength and remembers who she is and her purpose…. check out very emotional video below… click the actual link…

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Emotional video of Jhonni B via Instagram click the actual link https://www.instagram.com/tv/B7czHNTAelrK2qoTMztMLlNWbh_AokDHIG8PmI0/?igshid=ug7m1o13mvs7

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